Seven Years

The average American I do not believe sees the continued “flattening” of the U.S. economy.  Even for those who walk the upper echelon of the American Economic System, few would have predicted the continued reduction in the number of Americans employed.

It is not just those who are unemployed who are effected fo course.  .The U.S. real estate sector of which many were saying would rebound in seven years now seems to have moved to a projection of fourteen years.  Amazing isn’t it?  There are of course those who slide into the “government sponsored” sector of real estate who think the world of ObamaLamaDingDong is just GLORIOUS.  Is that true for you?

I think it is going to take another seven years for Liberals to understand that they have destroyed prosperity for millions for decades.  Keep in mind however, this is something they will never admit.  They will simply move forward in life suckling the government teet and ignoring the hardship they have so carefully constructed since the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

It is a grand thing you know.

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