Hybridization of Mankind

For some people confusion overwhelms them when another states they simply don’t give a damn what objectors have to say.  This cuts across all political landscapes as well as the entire social landscape including religion.  As Gene Roddenberry would have said, “to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

.Perhaps the term genetic hybridization is an inappropriate term to describe genetic modification of man’s genome.  Mother nature on the other hand stepped in some 10,000 or so years ago a defined a new race based upon hybridization of two similar species.  She was able to lower barriers to get the job done, but she suffers for that mistake all these centuries later. 

A construction of desired traits is far more desirable than the randomness associated with Mother Nature’s work.  So…..it is what it is:  Genetic Engineering of Man.  Homo sapiens var.  geneticus.

Stay tuned.  Man’s hate will roll out of this with awesome force and destruction.  We are about to have man and woman in a form that will be called by the force of law as non-human.

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