Ladies, Choose Your Gun

Ok, I’m a little shot light-weight guy with small hands. If you listen to thew bull-beef guys, who were hitting the pee-wee football league while I was out in the woods hunting and shooting, they would have you believe ladies — and guys my size — are required to shoot some diminutive little peep squeak gun, al la a 32 ACP or 25 ACP. If you are in my boat, just ignore them. Rest assured practice and shot placement will over come any male ego when it comes to stopping a thug or thugette.

Most macho blokes seem to forget that when Joe thug aims to kill you or rape you, you are not concerned with comfort, i.e. low recoil.  All that matters is that you can effectively manage the recoil of said 10mm cannon long enough to open .the skull, crack the teeth — and subsequently slice the spinal cord — of Thugmaster who is intent on destroying you and yours.

Although I do admit George Zimmerman was in fearsome danger with Trayvon beating his skull to a pulp against concrete, he did recover — all 225 pounds of him — long enough to superbly place a 9mm round in ….. the heart fo said Junior Thug Boy.  .Ever shoot a charging and wounded sous?  Then you have an idea of how difficult it is to stop a young Negro Buck in full heat.

And that folks is the secret:  SHOT PLACEMENT.  It only takes one round when well placed.

If you’ve passed over what my detractors will call a racist remark, read on.  It’s not like the world’s pro football players of the darker persuasion are not aware of the genetics of the black race.  Just look at the head pounding the Black Madonna Mohamed Ali took in his career.  Think about it.  Ali is a prime example of why the wonderful sweet lady in Lawrenceville, Georgia pumped 5 rounds of .38 Special into her attacker, yet today, he sits in the Walton County jail waiting trial.  Unfortunately, she may have to witness seeing his slimy face again rather than knowing Walton county cremated his dead ass so no one else had to experience what she did.  Fortunately, under Georgia law, he can’t sue her for long term support either, but don’t worry Uncle Barry will assure the thug can draw Social Security Disability Insurance Disability after being shot in such a horrible way.”.  But then, I have cited another Negro I’m not too fond of.

The absolute moral to this story is to seek SERIOUS mental and tactical training should you face an attacker.  You cannot lose your cool because of size, mental disposition, or inability to manage the weapon.  When I’m running the training dock, I always begin a new shooter with a heavy caliber that ultimately they may not be able to comfortably manager.  I have found that shooters who begin in this fashion almost always end up managing and carrying significantly more firepower than a diminutive 25 ACP or 32 ACP.  Having said that, if all you have is a 25 ACP, shoot the bastard in an eyeball and wait for the sack of shit to fall. (Dead on now — Lol — not at an angle.)

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