Real Estate Agents

I have no great admiration of real estate agents. For one, they are bottom feeders who think they are due tens of thousands of dollars on a typical closing for sitting and looking pretty waiting on the closing attorney to hand them a check. They also were part of the infamous machine that brought the markets crashing down in 2008.

The reason for my advocating all real estate agents have their heads removed this day?  In order to close on a transaction I must first decide whether the property is something I desire to purchase and I must move funds into place in a legal entity to make the close.  The turk wad real estate agent wants “proof of funds” prior to viewing.  Nada.  I’m not going to move money to pay for something I do not even know if I want to purchase just to make you happy.  And I’m certainly not going to allow you a view of resources in aggregate. 

As the saying goes, “fuck off,” you lost the sale.


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