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It Takes a Rare Person

I have worked for several months with an individual who owns a business that was almost completely destroyed by the financial crisis that began in 2008.  This individual has learned a great deal from this collapse and in many ways … Continue reading

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The Tales of Jo Jo: Episode One

Jo Jo is now five. He does not know his mother. Shortly after his birth she was arrested for burglary. In the ‘no-time to serve’ penal system, she was soon released and subsequently arrested for prostitution.  Two more burglary arrests … Continue reading

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Black Folk, Angela Corey, and Staged Performances (Trayvon Martin)

Initially in the efforts of “Black America” to have yet another show as to how bad White America is, we were led to believe Trayvon Martin was a mere baby of a child and his ‘girlfriend was, after all, an innocent … Continue reading

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The Church

Sadly, we have brothers and sisters in Christ fighting over the issue of illegal immigration where the Bible is quite clear on what our Christian response should be: “The LORD detests the way of the wicked but he loves those … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens

When I was more active in business within the United States than I am today, I often chided fellow businessmen for their hiring of illegal aliens. Not surprisingly, I was chided in return for stating the obvious by calling these individuals … Continue reading

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