Illegal Aliens

When I was more active in business within the United States than I am today, I often chided fellow businessmen for their hiring of illegal aliens. Not surprisingly, I was chided in return for stating the obvious by calling these individuals “illegal aliens.” In my view, there is no such thing as a undocumented or illegal immigrant. By the very definition of federal law you cannot be an “illegal” immigrant as the law does not allow the legal system of immigration to be bypassed.  If you are an immigrant, in compliance with the law, you are simply an immigrant.

This week I have had strong words with individuals in a religious group due to their pandering to illegal aliens.  They will “lay hands” on an American who works in the landscape industry but is unemployed due to the massive influx of illegal aliens in the trade, wishing him well, but not opposing or decrying the illegal activity that has caused the loss of work.

.If you support illegal aliens in becoming U.S. citizens I suggest you support the churches that harbor them.  Otherwise do as I have done and turn and walk the other way.


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