The Tales of Jo Jo: Episode One

Jo Jo is now five. He does not know his mother. Shortly after his birth she was arrested for burglary. In the ‘no-time to serve’ penal system, she was soon released and subsequently arrested for prostitution.  Two more burglary arrests ensued and she is currently serving a 15-year sentence .

Jo Jo’s white grandfather — himself a convicted felon who is soon to have yet another arrest warrant issued for failure to pay restitution — stepped in .to care for Jo Jo because being guardian of the child allows him to draw welfare, food stamps, and enter the Medicaid rolls.  Somewhere in all this resides a black father, but it seems no one knows whether the father is Jo Jo’s mother’s pimp or just someone else who came along to partake in the services offered.

Because of George H Bush, and the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Jo Jo, who is considered disabled, is attending pre-k classes.  I say “because of” the IDEA act and George W, because most young men of age four — at the time of the incident — would have been expelled for bringing a knife to school;  a permanent expulsion.  Jo Jo the “special” child cannot be permanently expelled.  This occurred on Jo Jo’s second day of school, a Tuesday.  The following Monday Jo Jo set his grandfather’s girlfriends home on fire before arriving at school.

In the midst of all of this is an old maid family member who has a lust for compassion.  What I mean by using the term “lust” is this aunt will break most any rule to ensure she can display “compassion” towards Jo Jo.  This includes seeking help for herself so she may redirect that help to Jo Jo and granddad.

Within Jo Jo extended family on the side of the mother and grand father is a long list of felons with crimes up to and including child molestation.  If any portion of the drive that creates criminal activity in a person is genetic, look out.  Jo Jo is going to be one awesome criminal.

I think Jo Jo will do well in life.  He has a history at age five not unlike the now famous Trayvon Martin.  Jo Jo will have multiple advocates defending him against the evils of the world as he progresses through the public school system and a career as colorful as his family’s reputation can endow.

I will add episodes as the events occur.  I am due for an update in the next few days.

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