It Takes a Rare Person

I have worked for several months with an individual who owns a business that was almost completely destroyed by the financial crisis that began in 2008.  This individual has learned a great deal from this collapse and in many ways has gained knowledge that I lack.  He, the individual I reference, can pull the business forward at this point without any aid but I think he will have to rely on the same risky loan practices that existed prior to 2008/2009 to run the business at perhaps one-quarter its’ original size.

The required investment to step past this and run the company at its’ pre-2007 size is small in context at $50,000,000.  For this a coupon of 6% will be paid along with 50% ownership in the business.  The down side is the day the documents are signed and the money paid in, the original owner will possess $25,000,000 should someone come along and wish to purchase the business and all agreed.

The point I am trying to make, that few understand, is that it takes two rare people to enter such an agreement as this $50,000,000 in investment.  Millions if not billions of people complain about how unfair it is that the wealthy own or possess what they do, but they never seek identification of those things that someone with that $50,000,000 considers requirements to pass that cash to someone else.  Instead, they expect through their numbers to force government through some action to forcefully take from those with that cash, knowing damn well it is solely their numbers — not right or wrong — that allows government to take such action.

This is true in all parts of the world, but it is most particularly true today in France, the United States, South Africa and several other inconsequential nations..These three nations in my opinion see the advantages of capitalism, but their people desire to meld this into the Socialist nations that they are becoming, a hybrid blend grant you, but as evil as any socialist or Communist nation ever dared to be.

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