Dark Ages II

“Don’t worry, these dark ages will not be as difficult as those in the past, we will care for you.”  — Spoken by a Liberal in government in a rare moment of “lie-beral honesty” who believes he is God and you dear Subject, have no worries.

Proverb’s 14:28 — A large population is a king’s glory, but without subjects a prince is ruined.


Back when I was actively involved in homebuilding in the U.S. I learned quickly that the success of multi-use projects greatly depended upon shifts in demographics.  For better or worse the economic success of an area can be tracked and projected by changes in the demographic groups that grow in number within an area.

I can recall when fellow builders would comment in regards to Clayton County Georgia, a county that encompasses the southern half of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, remarking that the county was “growing dark.”  This comment not only referred to the changing demographics of the area but was also a warning that a “dark age” for businesses in the area was approaching.  But had been thriving commercial establishments quickly became strip joints and bars, over run with crime, drug dealing, gun battles, and an accelerated flight into other areas by many.

If America has failed in one thing in its’ worship of the poor and minorities, it is that these individuals have not been coddled in such a way as to be non-criminal productive members of society.

“Now Lizzie Mae it is ok that you have just called me a racist.”  This racist ass is picking up and moving off with the other white folk who really don’t give a damn what your life consists of.  Just keep your crap, crime, and tax burden over in Clayton County.  You come this way and we’ll arrest your sorry ass when you rob someone with your long felony list and my God, GUN.

The point of this thread is that this creeping “Dark Age” has overcome Amerika in a fog.  As the number of Americans in the workforce falls, even in the face of fake numbers showing the rate of unemployment is falling, Liberals have won in their war to make “everyone” equal.  They believe that Americans can only be equal when everyone shares in poverty.  Go for it Dudes!!!  While those you have not run ouot of unemployment insurance are seeing a 10.7% cut in benefits, America’s illustrious Social leader, otherwise known as ObamaLamaDingDong, has supposedly given to the Treasury 5% of his government income.  How Stupendous and Wonderful!!!  Woo Hoo!!  Don’t you feel better ye unemployed?.

Keep on idiots, you’ll get there.

Truth is what brought me to visit this blog and make a new entry was a series of conversations I have had over the last week with a fervid LIBERAL I tell you something though.  This Liberal sees dollars within his visual field.  Like many of the liberal branch of gay men, gay men being mostly liberal it seems other than I, he is as one would expect drawing “disability.”  I suppose gayness and disability come from the same set of genes.  This individual stated he was worried of the oncoming dark age, I suppose triggered by America’s inability to enter the markets and borrow money, which has actually already occurred as Mr. Bernanke seems to be printing more money in his Monetarist vain than he is borrowing.  Go figure.  Hell, I don’t know.  Lol.

Oh well, don’t worry folks, Uncle Barry, and those folks who protested last year — oh, the 99% group of young dope head Liberals — have assured your future.  They are following the logic of a once great people who lived in the USSR whose future was assured as “they pretended to work and the government pretended to pay.”

From one former Southerner to you, “Ya’ll will be fine in Dark Age II.”.



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