Liberals are the most amazing people on earth.

To the fervid or devout Liberal there is no God.  Man came from ape.  Why is it then that Liberals become enraged when to make not to them that yes Virginia, Chimpanzees do love to swing from limb to limb in trees.

Often in moments like the current one, when I am caught up in the oneness of ape and man, my inner ape comes forth and I think as the Orangutan in “Planet of the Apes” as to how wonderful it was in times past to linger in the tree top for hours.  But reality rushes forward and I am once again seated at a table, of which my people do not seem to know the origin, discussing matters of state and the issue with “humans,” those foul beasts we use as slaves.  For you see in 2013 it is that foul beast, the white conservative, who has fallen from the screen and become the real slave, all with a push from individuals such as, God forbid, Warren Buffet. no less.

Liberalism is a marvelous thing.  It gives a milk cow to those in poverty and establishes them in the dairy business.  Unfortunately it does not upload to their brains the ability to manage and run a business, without government subsidy, so unfortunately the new dairyman becomes hungry due to collapse of the working entity he grows hungry — for lack of ability and more, then in hunger eats the milk cow.  He has no explanation as to why he doesn’t have milk when the truck arrives to transport the proceeds of the days’ milking to market..  He is back to where he was when in 1865 to 1870 he thought that on the farm working 1/2 day would bring him 1/2 the usual crop, never intellectually grabbing the notion that 1/2 the work does not equate to 1/2 the crop.  :-).

Do not ever foeget that the Liberal is bound to genetics even though he or she will deny that fact.  Liberals NEED the 1%.  Without the 1% they have no hope.  For the 1% possess that which the Liberal needs most:  someone elses cash.  The Liberal sees the advantage of cash, as long as it is not his/her cash.  After all the Liberal must keep up the fine dining experience and sleep till at least 11 AM each and every day so as to be prepared for the evening’s guests — fellow elitist Liberals.  My God, Chicago could not function without them.  God also forbid a monied white man ever flee to such a wonderful clime as the Swiss Alps.  Lol.  They — the white man — might carry money with them out of reach of those “Mathews’s,” i.e. Tax Collectors, in Christ’s time.  All hail the Tax Collector.

What is a non-ape white man to do?  Drop out.  🙂  Let them eat cake each and every day from their own stores. .

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