We Should Ban Pressure Cookers

I chuckle as I think about the U.S. Senate today and its’ efforts to preach Liberalism to all America by law in penalizing the free and non-criminal in an effort to end crime.  We as conservatives are weak.  I have given to family members firearms on occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.  Our illustrious Democratic Senators however, along with one Michael Bloomberg and one Barry Shotgun Obama however, desire me to run all the way to a firearms dealer to give these gifts to a family member.  I myself do not have a family of criminals, I suppose many do.

I have a new cause for liberals today:  ban all pressure cookers.  This might be a necessary thing, as it is possible and entirely probable that a new war has begin in America.  A cold war if you will.  The on and off strike that comes from a body of people that have simply had enough of government serving government and a select few .prefer voting for a living rather than working for one.  All the while, the real ability to seek and find work in America becoming ever more diminished.

You have work cut out Liberals.  Ban all pressure cookers.  And quickly..

It is possible

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