I do not deficit spend and I’m fine. How about you?

One of the more amazing things I witness in life is people who spend using credit cards that cost the individual sometimes as much as 23% or more interest.  Many people will quickly run a balance to say $10,000, pay $2,300 per year in interest, and what principal (what amount of the $10,000) they do pay in a month they quickly spend back onto the balance.

This becomes a lifestyle — think of the gay lifestyle folks, because gay men are truly hedonist — in which they complain bitterly about folks like me who have amassed wealth and DO NOT use credit in such a manner.  These people are simply fuck-ups, no more no less.  There, I’ve called my haters a foul name.

Having pissed some of you off, I am thankful I am anonymous.  🙂  Kiss my ass.





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