Recession 2014

I am often incorrect in my assessments. Some say so. My batting average however at saving my hide and riding along in that news of today that the top 7% saw a 28% rise in net workth since 2009 at least sates my angst when I am in error.  Off thing is, I can’t hinestly tell you why I believe we are heading into recession other than that’s just what the overall economy tells me.

Americas debt as a percentage of GDP as well as the deficit is predicted to fall to some degree.  The real issue in my view however is that fewer and fewer Americans are working at a time when government transfer of payments is on the rise.  Adding to this is the still unknown cost of Obamacare.

Yadda, yadda.  I know.  You are saying you have heard that.  That is ok with me.  After all, this will be your recession you “yadda. yaddas” and not mine.

Enjoy your poverty.  You have company..





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