The Tales of Jo Jo: Episode II — The Making of a young Trayvon.

The principle of Jo Jo’s Pre-K has declared that Jo Jo will be promoted to Kindergarten.  You see, the principal of the Pre-K knows she is not a principal of a Kindergarten.  Sweet delight.  Since Jo Jo is one of those most special children, he cannot be expelled for his actions, the latest of which was breaking a classmates arm, but can only be sent home a number of days in the year — which has occurred and those days have run out.  No reversal on this promotion.  🙂

I personally believe this is another one of those “If I had a son, he would be Trayvon” kids who will likely be killed in gun battle long before he pesters the living hell — or worse — out of any high school principal.  Obviously the Pre-K principle thinks so because hell would freeze over before she failed him, preventing she and what few parents have children remaining in this Pre-K from passing his ass along to someone else to handle.

This reminds me of Shug Mammy.  The Time was about 1955.  The sheriff of Waco County was called when a passer-by found a baby stuck in the tar pit east of town.  With the aid of several deputies the sheriff was able to extract the baby from the tar pit.  This was one tar covered black baby, one which favored Shug Mammy.

Off the sheriff went with baby sitting on plastic in the back seat to verify that this was Shug Mammy’s baby boy.  Upon arrival, the sheriff extricates the baby from the plastic.  About the time Shug came out onto the porch of her old shack.  The sherif inquires, “Shug Mammy, is this your baby and if so do you want us to try to clean some of this tar off him?”

Shug Mammy replied, “Na sa.  Yous donts haves to cleans dat baby, ’tis ezer ta gets anudder.”  “Tows hms backs in da pit.”

We Southerns may be ignorant and stupid racists, but we ‘knows’ our Niggers.


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