Zimmerman Verdict

It is yet to be seen whether I will publish this post.  My anger at the antics of U.S. Media, Governor Rick Scott, and one Angela Corey has only grown greater since a jury of six women acquitted George Saturday night.

I think what bothers me more than anything else is the sanctimonious attitude of Angela Corey and her cohort Bernie de la Rionda.  I will hold my anger on that only because I am certain our God in Heaven sees through the bullshit believed by these two.  I want to ask them if it would please them that a child of their own smoke pot like the typical stonner before prancing off the purchase Skittles.  That they portray one Trayvon Martin as an angel is truly the measure of what is disgusting.  Fact is, the Governor and Ms. Cory may claim to be great conservative folk but are simply Liberal Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

George Zimmerman’s supporters have much work ahead.  Firstly, we are going to have to make damn sure Rick Scott has serious well funded competition next year in Florida’s primary for Governor.  Angela, well, we may have to dig deeper in hopes we can obtain revocation of her Florida Bar license.  I look forward to conversations that will align with the sanctions being brought by the Zimmerman legal team, hoping beyond hope and prayerfully that we hit the mark we need to on this.

Now, comments directed to the Martin’s.  Some ten years ago I witnessed the outrage of a close friend and neighbor in regards to his daughter receiving a citation for traveling 93 mph in a 55 mph speed zone.  My friend was so enraged he hired a private investigator we both used to investigate the officer that wrote the citation.  A Dekalb county Georgia officer in fact.

My friend had purchased his 18 year old daughter an Audi TT.  Allah above all knew that my friend was correct in saying his daughter would never drive so recklessly.

When daughter, mother, and father appeared for trial in State Court, the State Solicitor called mom as a witness.  Why you ask?  Because on the day the citation was written mom was a passenger in the right front seat of that Audi.  Mom had witnessed first hand what her baby girl was capable of accomplishing in a shiny Audi TT.

Many Americans will continue to be as blind as the Martin’s in the view of one Trayvon.  Had Trayvon only been allowed to strike George Zimmerman’s head into the concrete once more.  Had that happened there would have never been a trial.  No charges filed as the national greats of the NAACP et al would never have whimpered.

I will take up my cause for what is right and wrong.  I suggest the folks I have mentioned here take note.  You never know when God is going to send a David to down a Goliath.






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