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Cartoon of the Day: That Soul Train Garb ;-)

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of the Day in Honor of Barack Obama

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A Missed Opportunity in Liberal Racist Land Today: They just need a bottle of shoe polish and some bleach, a la Michael Jackson.

It seems Chris Lane, a white Australian, was gun downed by three bored adventuresome young black kids in Duncan, Oklahoma.  What a shame Lane was not black and the three thugs white.  Al and Jesse would have something new to … Continue reading

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Weatherby Freebore Summary

Weatherby Calibers Freebore: 224 Weatherby Magnum:    0.162″ 240 Weatherby Magnum:    0.169″ 257 Weatherby Magnum:    0.378″ 270 Weatherby Magnum:    0.378″ 7MM Weatherby Magnum:    0.378″ 300 Weatherby Magnum:    0.361″ 30-378 Weatherby Magnum: 0.361″ 340 Weatherby Magnum:    0.373″ 338-378 Weatherby Magnum: 0.361″ 375 … Continue reading

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Obama – more section 8; move poor (and crime) into more affluent areas

cj — A friend asked me while visting the U.S. why I had left America and moved to Switzerland.  This is one of the many reasons why. ** Section 8 rental subsidies have long been one of the most controversial … Continue reading

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Obama’s World

When Chicago closed 50 schools last spring to save money, the closures immediately drew protests that children would be forced to cross gang boundaries to get to new schools. But the closures have also stirred worries among the thousands of … Continue reading

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From Europe: A perspective on U.S. gun and ammo sales.

Last year I made a major change in my life. Although I have held citizenship other than U.S. for decades, I reached the point that I felt I needed to completely offshore business operations and move to a friendlier clime. … Continue reading

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