From Europe: A perspective on U.S. gun and ammo sales.

Last year I made a major change in my life. Although I have held citizenship other than U.S. for decades, I reached the point that I felt I needed to completely offshore business operations and move to a friendlier clime. When I say friendlier, I mean one where the socialist looters and moochers of Ayn Rand fame do not influence my life on a daily basis. If America wants to fuck itself along the lines of how one Rev. Jeremiah Wright would desire, let it go to it.

Having roots that extend into the so called U.S. deep south — with family history spanning from the 17th century on U.S. shores — I am well aware of what I call “the pull” to seek help before a liberal driven storm arrives. If you miss my point, you should read an uncolored history of the Black Republicans of Lincoln’s day. They too hailed from Chicago. But let me connect here so I do not seem to be rambling.

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has gone about building vast stores of ammunition primarily for small arms — those being the 5.56X45 (.223) NATO round as well as the 9mm or more accurately described 9X19 NATO round. Oddly the stores of ammunition today for active troops in Afghanistan are dramatically lower than the horde held by ‘Homeland Security.’ Ever wonder why?

The public reaction to this and a host of actions guided by America’s Socialist/Communist in power has been to draw down the supply of guns and ammo at retail. Where good old Europe comes into play to is begin to provide material directed at select points so that the private citizen can stockpile as much ammo — and material beyond small arms of which I shall not cite — for what could be in the remote circumstance that Homeland Security suddenly become the Obama equivalent of the SS/Gestapo (a story unto itself worth knowing.)

Perhaps should America yet see another civil war, one that I do not personally believe will occur, there will be a greater power that through never seen means shall lay the final coupe de grass to anialate that enemy that survived Americas first Civil War.

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