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Record Numbers in Poverty Under Obama

cj — I am happy to say that I can and do make good choices in life, including where I am domiciled.  The unemployment rate in my home country now stands at 3%.  So what is the problem with America?  … Continue reading

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When your supervisor, an employee of the American Cancer Society, arrives at your front door and wants sex.

Full story to follow.

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Quote of the Day

Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Proof of this occurred on 11/6/2012.

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American Cancer Society Investigation

I have taken it upon myself to fund a detailed look at the American Cancer Society in regards to its interaction with communities, other non-profit organizations, politicians, and of course its employees.  In less than 36 hours a surprising amount … Continue reading

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Thirteen killed at Navy Shipyard by a crazy person (and William Jefferson Clinton, with assistance from Geoprge W. Bush and Barack Obama)

cj — The commentary below was copied from  In the commentary the author places culpability for the death toll at the Navy Yard on the perpetrator and individuals such as Bill Clinton.  As a proud conservative I am happy to … Continue reading

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Sublime Evil

I did not fully realize until this week, what sublime evil drives the liberal mind.  That realization came from a very unexpected place.  One of which I have posted this week, namely, the American Cancer Society. Within that organization live … Continue reading

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Identifying The Pieces of American Cancer Society

I always believe in beginning with the files related to an entities home office.  ACS national headquarters oddly appears to be in Atlanta, Georgia.  Notice the foreign corporation listed with the addition (New York).

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