Sublime Evil

I did not fully realize until this week, what sublime evil drives the liberal mind.  That realization came from a very unexpected place.  One of which I have posted this week, namely, the American Cancer Society.

Within that organization live individuals who are consumed with passion to defeat cancer in all its forms.  On the surface that is not a bad thing.  Unfortunately they will sacrifice any individual, any individuals personal rights to liberty as they see it, and destroy every single nation on the globe to defeat cancer.

To the American Cancer Society, there is simple not enough money in America to supply their desire and personal need to fund Medicaid, cancer research, Obamacare, hospitals, or any other entity they can think of that might, in whatever small way, be related to cancer.  Oddly, and perhaps a true sign of evil, they will not advocate screening of DNA prior to in vitro fertilization to prevent DNA becoming an individual with a loaded potential for cancer.

I find that latter odd.  Why?  Perhaps reality is they ony want cancers to be pushed into remission so the dollars continue to flow.

I have fought for an individual who came to the American Cancer Society not knowing their liberal perverted beliefs pushed through corrupt morals.  This individual has been abused so an individual on the payroll whose wife contracted cancer at an early age could “live that passion.”  That person, who would be fired in most for profit organizations, can abuse people solely because of that passion that drives the sublime evil I have cited.

One thing we conservatives are going to have to do, is take no prisoners.  Bring down liberals to the dirt and gravel they deserve to live in.  They can be compassionate.  Their compassion is real.  It is however bound to what are unintended consequences that destroy more individuals they will will in centuries protect.






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