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The Orks, Globlins, and Trolls

Amazing how individual members of a society form new themes within their social narrative that apply to maters specific to their culture. So it is with the theme ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ that hovers on the horizon of our consciousness.  Are you … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

cj — I am going to copy a quote in that uses a term that is very offensive to many.  The word is “Nigger.”  This is a term to me that does not refer to a specific race but to … Continue reading

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Thugs On The March — Re-blogged from DNA Wars

Republican candidates have fallen into a trap. Obama is to race-bating what Lee Altwater was to dog-whistle politics. The president says his son has just been shot for being a typical nigger thug.  Santorum and Gingrich better be prepared to … Continue reading

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America had a Nazi leader. His name was George Bush

America continues to have a Nazi leader.  His name is Barack Obama. An article below from the Washington Post. _________________________________________________ German leader calls Obama about alleged cellphone tapping BERLIN — Furious German officials said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies may … Continue reading

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Georgian Fossils

I ran across an article that stated that, “A haul of fossils found in Georgia suggests that half a dozen species of early human ancestor were actually all Homo erectus. It further states, “The latest fossil is the only intact … Continue reading

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Three Very Freightened Intruders; One Hospitalized

I have had by rest disturbed tonight by what turned out to be a more freightening event for three intruders than for my family. I am however spun up and pounding at the keyboard in an effort to unwind. Shortly … Continue reading

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A Once Great Nation Again Shows Its Savagery

Greece riveted by mystery of ‘blonde angel’ By Karolina Tagaris ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek police have asked Interpol to help them track down the real parents of a blonde girl with green eyes who was found in a Roma camp … Continue reading

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