Those persons …

Those persons who mean most to me in life, some passed long ago, while others remain good friends, have something in common.  I admire this group most because they do not make assumptions about others.  I will provide further explanation as I progress here, but allow me to pause to introduce the example, a gentleman I will call Rich.

Rich and I met on, with Rich professing very much how he deplored what liberalism had become in America, how it had morphed into something that was not the freedom he saw so strongly supported by liberalism, but a new “thing” somehow opposed to the freedom of man — or woman.  Lol.  The problem is Rich voted for and will continue to vote for those shining example of modern liberalism such as Barack Obama and crowd.  And Obamacare?  A bad thing?  Hardly.  So, in other words it is the same old same old, vote for those who do best at using what others produce the best.  Same game.  Same song.  Same thing.

More to the point, I have not heard from Rich in a while.  It seems, he like many, prefer not to believe my casual conversation in regards to what is going on in my life on a day to day basis; where I am traveling, in what I am involved, in other words in the life I live that they ultimately hate, perhaps because it is not them, or perhaps because they do not believe such a ‘nice fellow’ can be so, well, accomplished shall we say.

I think in order to fully communicate with a person you should bring yourself to their level.  Notice I did not say “down to” their level or “up to” their level.  I said, “their level.”  I was once accused of being fake for doing this as the person believed it was impossible for me to sit on the 65th floor of our office tower and direct global operations of a business one minute and appear in a street cafe one minute later and chat over coffee with a pan-handler who had no fricking idea who I was, nor the fact that for me too, Friday’s were jean days, not the obligatory, unnecessary choker of a tie day et al.

Those I admire are actually closer to the pan-handler, for the pan-handler makes no assumptions.  He assumes rightfully so, that most persons have change they can pass his way.  While he too may depend on government as many a liberal and many a conservative do, without working in the stress that you or I might, he understands that his “cream” comes as a gift.

So, of recent times I dropped into one of those comfortable slots in order to communicate with someone.  Someone in far more need than I who did not realize my actual circumstances.  So the communication proceeded.

A funny thing came to pass.  This individual related to me something a friend had supposedly told them — knowing myself this was their view — that was rather disparaging of my character.  You could say I had arranged a test of their character and not mine.

Sometimes it is best to move forward when reality steps forth.  As was typical, I called for a lunch date as I had been doing every couple of weeks, but this time I sent my driver and changed the location of our lunch.  The event should have been filmed.  My lunch date did not possess the character of a child like one Liza Minnelli in the movie Arthur, but rather attempted to swim upstream in a current that was far too strong to make any headway.

Small things display string character.



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