Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye explains competition: “The clash of living-forms for supremacy and survival.”

Competition, or the struggle for life, constitutes the principal motor force of evolution in everything from bacteria to humans, as well as history. Even the most fanatical pacifists acknowledge it.

Competition affects every domain of existence; it’s observable between individuals and between groups. Communal solidarity is the sole element mitigating its harshness. In blunting the individual’s egoism, its goal is to ensure the superiority of the community over other communities.

Even religions that ‘submit to God’ (Islam, for example), which might appear to renounce competition, appeal to it. For an individual or for a people, decay sets in once one starts believing that competition and the struggle for life are ‘unjust,’ that enmity toward the Other is ‘abnormal,’ that the state of peace is natural and war unnatural, and that the Garden of Eden is possible on Earth. Competition, the struggle for life, is the normal, permanent state of all living things — pacifism renounces life; it’s a morality of slaves.

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