SpringField XDs Recall: the Road to Federal Court

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Originally Posted By Terelk74:
I was in my LGS today and, while looking around, a Lt. I know from the local police department came in to do a serial # check on another customer’s gun he was looking to trade.  When he was done we were chatting and the XDS recall topic came up.  Bad news:  the Lt. called and was able to speak with an uppity-up at Springfield due to a large number of their officers having them as back-ups and off-duty weapons.  He was told that they may start to send them back at the first of the year…IF they get the proposed fix signed off on but so far that has not happened.  He was told that the issue was determined to be 1:1,000,000 but since they know about it they are obligated to fix them all.  The Lt. asked about just getting his sent back un-repaired. He was advised he could get his sent back but it would include a letter from Springfield basically saying the warranty was now void and they were no longer responsible for the firearm.  He then asked about just getting a refund.  No go on that option either, at least for now.  He was told if they determine they can’t come up with a reliable fix they will implement a refund procedure, but not until then.  So, it looks like it could be awhile.  I was a little upset only because it is obvious that Springfield knew this was not going to be a quick fix turn around.  It would have been nice to know ahead of time instead of feeling deceived. 

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