Restitution for Slavery: From a Safe Distance

I must say that I cannot, for the life of me, understand why any white American would oppose paying African-Americans restitution payments for slavery.  Granted many African-Americans cannot trace their ancestry to slaves of the antebellum period, as the influx of black Africans into America has increased inline with immigration from Latin America, but perhaps America should in one fell swoop consider all of African descent living in America as “one-and-the-same.”  

Why do I say such a thing?

I said what I did because I believe the combined wealth and productive capacity of white America must be destroyed.  For America to be reborn into what it was in 1776, those who have made America, e.g. Africans and Latinos — with a few other races mixed in, must take the leadership role and build a productive America.  After all, I am certain that Sir Isaac Newton learned calculus while visiting a village near Soweto.  He simply lied as to the fact he envisioned and developed calculus.

Once white America becomes penniless, I am certain non-white America will rise to the occasion, black America being willing to share the wealth with all non-white Americans, in using the wealth of former white Americans, to create such an economy that America will literally be able to pave streets with gold as the once great city of Detroit was able to do.  I am sure the great scientist of Africa will no doubt use the skills they possess in turning lead into gold, so there will be a never ending supply of the metal.  This is after all, not unlike the ability of Ben Bernanke to print dollars.  (Let us hope Janet Yellen can accomplish the same.)

Since we know intelligence is only a matter of education and not related to any innate ability, can you just imagine the intelligence that shall roll forth from African-American, Mexican, and Native American schools constructed and operated by those funds first passed to African-Americans.

The greatest society on earth shall be born. Hell, maybe they will even release Kwame Kilpatrick from prison.

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