The American Future

There are a few, via this site and in my private life, who know me well enough to know that I have distanced myself from the going’s on in America and now live full-time in Europe.  Being an American Ex-pat has been a multi-year process for me that greatly accelerated with the death of my parents a few years ago.  I am a product of their wisdom and the most blessed individual I know.  Lol.

A good friend reminded me yesterday, as an intermission during an engaged and detailed conversation, that it was obvious that I continue to be concerned for the future of America.  My friend, being state-side, manages income from remaining assets that are being used to run several 501(c) 3’s and 501(c) 4’s, with the former focusing on distributions through churches scattered primarily across the U.S. Southeast.  I like to hear about who is being helped including the circumstances that led them to need help.  There are always surprises but one ever-present fact:  the number of Americans not functioning in a productive role where they are self-supporting is growing at an alarming pace.

For example, let’s talk about Joe, an individual not named Joe, but Joe for our purposes.  (His real initials are M.S.)  Joe is now 51 years old, white, married, and has never had children that he recalls.  I say that he recalls because Joe has been an alcoholic since age 14.  Joe smokes two packs of cigarettes per day.  He has been drawing social security disability for some three years now.  Joe is of course on Medicaid and one of his many doctors tells him that is lungs — in combination with a weak heart — would likely not be strong enough to survive a flu infection or pneumonia.

Joe’s father is nursing home bound, a lifelong alcoholic, and living via a gastrointestinal feeding tube.  Since Joe’s father can no longer make a run to the liquor store for booze, it may be that he out lives Joe.  The various and assorted family members are well versed in the “narrative script” of how one survives at the mercy of others — and of course government. 

I could not tell you the request that came along with this descriptive story other than to say there was one.  Each person or persons that comes to seek help has some story most often involving some personal tragedy in which they participated, i.e. though they may not be self-reliant in regards to supporting themselves, they at least participated in the circumstances that led them there, Joe being a perfect example of dutifully smoking and drinking for decades.

Do not think Joe is the rule.  Though he does represent the vast majority of dependent Americans, in an ever-growing number, there are those who will pull through tough circumstances and never make another request for aid.  This is the group on which we focus.  It is also a group that we literally teach in regards to the stupidity of liberal politics and the raucous life led by the Joe’s of the world.  There is no free ride.  It is tough love with inspections, clear expectations, and a lifetime committment to battling the stupidity that has engulfed America. 

Perhaps when the “rot” rots away in America there will be hope.

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