Three Very Freightened Intruders; One Hospitalized

I have had by rest disturbed tonight by what turned out to be a more freightening event for three intruders than for my family. I am however spun up and pounding at the keyboard in an effort to unwind.

Shortly  before 1:00 AM Swiss time, a perimeter alarm was tripped notifying security that someone or something had moved onto the estate.  A security crew with guard dogs responded apprehending three intruders before they reached the first security fence.  No shots were fired even though the intruders were armed as of course were the members of the security team.  One intruder was so badly shacken, by what the police think was the presence of the dogs, that he had to be transported to the hospital prior to his trip to jail.

At this point I know little else.  Although the intruders could be Swiss nationals, I do not yet know if that is the case.  Switzerland, like many other European nations, is seeing an uptick in crime coming from Southern and Eastern Europe.

Keep us in your prayers.


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