Thugs On The March — Re-blogged from DNA Wars

Republican candidates have fallen into a trap. Obama is to race-bating what Lee Altwater was to dog-whistle politics. The president says his son has just been shot for being a typical nigger thug.  Santorum and Gingrich better be prepared to rumble  if they want to play a game in their opponent’s home town, in his half of the court, according to his thug rules.

Republicans are not prepared to ask  Obama why he’s never stood up for an innocent white victim of America’s rampant Negro crime. They don’t have the tools to corner Obama as a racist, and they’ll end up smeared with the brush. The tools reside in intellectual circles that the Republican and Democratic parties have roundly denounced for decades. Santorum and Gingrich are about to be schooled in no small part due to the intellectual climate of a nation marked by niggerification.

In the 2008 Democratic Primary, Obama’s campaign played a reverse-Willie Horton on the Clintons and   became president on the back of White America’s inability to find a voice on racial issues. Chris Matthew’s leg had tingles running up all the way to his crotch. Oprah Winfrey went from tv token negress, to Ted Kennedy type presidential kingmaker. An empty suit, with virtually zero political experience, became the Commander and Chief of the World’s only superpower.

The president knew why he addressed the murder of a nigger thug, without even looking into the evidence of the case. Because the Negro community of America, outraged by everything on Earth –  except its dishonorable self  – found an occasional reason to hoot and holler in public under the pretext of civil rights protests and thus provided an ideal occasion for Obama’s reverse Willie Horton ploy. The evidence in the case will be forgotten. Negro loudmouths and the mainstream media will leave the nation with the impression that Santorum and Gingrich are racists. Expect apologies later during the week.

The election of Obama was inconceivable without the physical menace of black uprisings . The Clinton camp learned this when systematic irregularities were ignored by party chairmen scared of unrully negro mobs. The RNC officially decided, behind closed doors and very quietly, that its candidate would have to avoid “race” like the plague, if the election weren’t to end in a “Civil War.” Four years on Obama is back to his old tricks. We, in We the People, just doesn’t  apply to him in the same way it would apply to a White president. If driving the point home requires using the death of a thug, so be it.

The particular case is one of a non-white shooting a thug in self-defence. The media willingness to refer to Zimmerman as White, could be evidence of the continuing collusion of Americas Media, with Barack Obama. As in 2008, the ability of the Negro community of America to use physical threats for nationwide political purpose, is inconceivable without the desire of Narcisstic White elites to give it a pass.

The Republicans don’t have a reference frame from which to neutralise Obama’s ability to play the race card, and they wont have it anytime soon. Santorum and Gingrich have just eliminated themselves from the presidential running by forfeiting the support of the MSM, leaving the field open to a bland Mitt Romney guaranteed to never wade into issues deemed controversial by the Oprah Winfreys and Christ Mathews of America’s punditocracy.

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