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Conservativejock General Comments and Update

The last two weeks have been so incredibly busy that I have not had time to edit and complete the article I began on Manufacturing Execution Systems used in auto assembly plants. No big deal I suppose, as there are … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman Trial has Brought Light to Building Racism in America, but not in the way you think.

cj — From Radio 790 AM.  This opinion was published prior to the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. What I have seen exploding all over the internet, wither it be twitter or blogs or even news stories are people assuming … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the Day: CNNFN Headline :-)

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ObamaCare November 2013

One would have to live I think in a constant fog induced by alcohol or marijuana or some other illegal drug not to see the extreme problems with ObamaCare. As an example, the Department of Health and Human Services has … Continue reading

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Automobile Manufacturing: MES Systems

cj — This article is being expanded and re-written on a daily basis.  I simply do not have the time required to complete this in a single editing session.  Keep in mind that this article represents one of a broad … Continue reading

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Personal Reach: The Advantages of C++

My apology but I am in the mood for a little color in my text tonight. There is no other reason than that for using the HTML color “maroon” for my text.  I do, by the way, dislike the Times … Continue reading

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The View From Europe

I have found that long tiring weeks tend to remove one’s ability to focus clearly but often allow words to spill forth that need to be stated as they otherwise would be held in check. This, what I hope to be short blurb, … Continue reading

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cj — Having been associated with a rather significant automobile company for longer than I care to remember through family ownership in the business I found this interesting on two fronts.  First, it is auto related.  Second, the nation of … Continue reading

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A Repost from My Old Homeland “The South”

cj — The TSPLOST vote failed of course, but I ran across this and thought it worth posting as it is such a great story about Black Racist. By Michael Thompson On July 31, [2012] residents of 10 metro Atlanta counties … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the Day

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