The View From Europe

I have found that long tiring weeks tend to remove one’s ability to focus clearly but often allow words to spill forth that need to be stated as they otherwise would be held in check. This, what I hope to be short blurb, is a comment upon many Europeans who are of the idiotic stupid school I have named “The Socialist School of Barack Obama.”  It seems that today, the European Press in concert with American Press is once again complaining that the Euro Region as a whole only grew at 0.1 % last quarter because …. now hang on .. “there is insufficient deficit spending.”  Now deficit spending to the liberal is ALWAYS “investment.”  If you are Barack Obama that means to borrow on the nations credit card to provide food assistance to folks who in many cases — but not all — could do without significant food assistance if they would work a little more and drink and smoke a little less.  (Wow Virginia isn’t that news.) 

Oddly, Germany’s economy is growing.  Perhaps Greece will lower its retirement age to 45 and petition the European Union to require Germans to work till age 70 so funds can be shifted to Greece.  Ahem.  What next?


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