Personal Reach: The Advantages of C++

My apology but I am in the mood for a little color in my text tonight. There is no other reason than that for using the HTML color “maroon” for my text.  I do, by the way, dislike the Times Roman font for some reason, not that I am being disrespectful of the Romans as my dislike is purely directed at modern folk who do not understand the Times Roman font should not look as it does were it truly in any way referring to “The Romans.”  Not to infer that my personal belief is that America’s current Fearless Leader is a great man — I personally believe he is about the best product one is going to obtain from American Affirmative Action — nonetheless it is true he also must rely on others to provide skilled analysis of massive amounts of data.  It is the use and understanding of the output of that analysis where many a man or woman has failed. 

You will frighten most men, especially public servants, if when they present the results of their analysis you ask them to “show me how you obtained that result.”  Had that question been posed long before Americans were killed in Benghazi Libya, I think the outcome might have been different.  Keep in mind however that politicians rarely work with a whole brain, much less one that is skilled at avoiding disasters.  Fortunately many decisions in life are far removed from political decision making and can be made by using more substantial well validated FACT.

It is rare to find a CEO who instructs a manager or managers to point him to a database instance where he can query data at the SQL prompt or perhaps via Toad, then pursue his own analysis via C++ in Visual Studio 2012.  (Alas, I have not moved to VS 2013.  In fact, it may very well remain in Beta.)  Such the above however is how I have spent my last three days.

I am not quite sure what brought about the change in the world where the leader of an organization solely relies on “specialist” in order to operate the business.  Perhaps that is a result of the Affirmative Action era in America, but I see the same pattern globally.  Granted organizations are so large in many instances today this is very reasonable and necessary, though it still is a model where the CEO does not know what questions to pose if he is to validate the efforts of his “specialists.” 

I am very biased in regards to modern business.  You see, in my formative years, a serious broad-based education focused around a technical core with a polishing touch in MBA school or perhaps charting a course in finance in grad school was far more acceptable than the education of a failed liberal blow hard like Robert Reich, you apparently majored in Sociology to then somehow earn a PhD in Economics.  No, my example was my father who held a PhD in Physics and an MBA from Harvard, the MBA degree following the PhD.

I was interviewed by a local reporter when I moved to my current place of residence.  We spoke for perhaps three hours in our first scheduled session.  Several weeks went by with no word from the reporter on concluding the interview with what had been requested as a second three hour session.  When I reached the reporter he in effect said that he questioned my statements that outlined my 40 year career as it was impossible for one individual to have lived such a career path.  Ah, I had sat through an interview with someone who had not lived his life in an attempt to maximize his “reach.”

If you run across this blog and read this and you are on of what some call “the best and brightest,” take heart.  It is true today that you are no longer celebrated in the public context.  (There remain a few nations where this is not true.)  In many nations you will see local news stories championing students who reside at the less successful layers of public education as page one news, while the class valedictorian’s photograph is on page ten.  The valedictorian is no longer needed according to some, as when they show great success, they will be told “someone else did that for you.”  Ignore them.  You will come to understand what must be done. to insure your future, not theirs.

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