ObamaCare November 2013

One would have to live I think in a constant fog induced by alcohol or marijuana or some other illegal drug not to see the extreme problems with ObamaCare. As an example, the Department of Health and Human Services has yet to construct the payment side of the healthcare exchange. What funding will this effort require?  Another $2, $3, $4, or $5 billion? 

I once made the content that when in a nation the needs of the military outweigh the needs of the citizen, then you can rest assured you are living in a dictatorship.  I find in November 2013 to also be true for ObamaCare and all of the “social” expenditures that support the poor and oddly not so poor.  When a government’s total focus is the transfer of money from an ever smaller group of productive citizens to those who either cannot or will not act in a self-responsible fashion so that they can provide for themselves, then you as a citizen reside in a dictatorship.

Why should one be surprised at this as it comes from a man whose father and mother both were advocates of Communism in their day?  Truth is one cannot state the truth of Barack Obama due to his implicit blackness.

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