The Zimmerman Trial has Brought Light to Building Racism in America, but not in the way you think.

cj — From Radio 790 AM.  This opinion was published prior to the verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

What I have seen exploding all over the internet, wither it be twitter or blogs or even news stories are people assuming Zimmerman’s guilt using horribly racially charged language and racial slurs.

The minorities and those left wingers with rampant white guilt have come out in force to make it plainly clear: if you want to see racism on display in the country look at minority communities.

To be white and racist is very socially unacceptable this day in age, but to hate whites is all but encouraged.

Before any charges of not understanding are lobbed my way, as they are to ay white that speaks sense in this case: I am Hispanic, and due to my skin tone and other physical characteristics, am often mistaken for being Middle Eastern.

It is not racist when someone (and both black and whites have done this to me) assume that I am an illegal, or a Muslim depending on their assumption of my race. In this state far too many Hispanics are illegal, and most from the middle east are muslim, They are both incorrect assumptions, but reasonable ones.

It reminds me of an episode of Family Matters where the father gave this advice when the boy was dressed like a thug: “Don’t want people to assume you’re a criminal? Don’t dress like one”

If you do not wish to fall into a stereotype, then don’t feed it.

Martin may have been murdered, or he may have been the attacker, we don’t yet know.

What we do know is that his friend on the witness stand is a racist that can’t even wrap her head around the concept that as a black person she can be racist

I saw this growing up. I remember very clearly being in speech class when the teacher read a speech that threw many of us off. The speech addressed how a man was passed up for employment and promotion due to a system in place that legalized discrimination. The man was white and the system was affirmative action. A black girl in the back laughed loudly when the surprise was read and yelled out “You can’t be racist against a white person!”

Far too long blacks have blamed whites for problems they refuse to deal with themselves, and in recent years they, just like Hispanics, have cried racist rather than deal with the problems brought upon them by the actions of their own groups they refuse to correct.

This is largely fed by the Democrat party that wrote Jim Crow and supported slavery when it used white racism for power, now they use minority racism to maintain that same power.

I could go all day with more examples, but I think the point is made.

Is anyone surprised that minorities are the new bastions of racist thought? I’m not.


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