Conservativejock General Comments and Update

The last two weeks have been so incredibly busy that I have not had time to edit and complete the article I began on Manufacturing Execution Systems used in auto assembly plants. No big deal I suppose, as there are very few who would venture to engage themselves in such a topic. Many in fact would prefer to discuss the art of how one “blings” an automobile rather than how one engineers and builds one.  Such is the world. 

In Europe, we are passing into the Christmas seasom less the celebration America just passed through known as Thanksgiving.  From the European perspective, one wonders what America has to be overwhelmingly thankful for these days.  Though the Obama Administration, in concert with the U.S. Federal Reserve, seems to have prevented an all-out collapse of the U.S. economy, the percentage of Americans who are a productive part of the U.S. economy continues to fall.  This is of course the “labor participation rate” to which I am referring.  Meanwhile, news in Europe is our neighbors to the north, Germany, are slowing their spending habits as we move into the last month of the calendar year.

It is not just America where the labor participation rate has fallen and continues to fall.  What was once thought of as “Mighty Japan” has been in its own self-inflicted doldrums for over a decade.  France, Portugal, Spain, and much of South America continue to struggle under ever increasing population and ever decreasing “social output.”  Equate “mouths to feed” to “grain in storage” and you see where the real problem lies. 

Nations have supported their people for decades through a massive game capturing the flow from producers, to looters, to moochers in an ever lowering cascade.  Won’t it be interesting when the world begins to comprehend the full effect of a Dry Pond?  😉

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