Committing Suicide

It occurred to me today after listening to a sermon of a German minister who has worked across the globe to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ that what many Liberals truly believe in is that you as an individual in effect commit suicide.  I am certain I will be blasted as Rush Limbaugh is so often for saying such a thing that to Liberals seems insane; however, I will explain what I mean in saying this with a few words. 

The minister this AM was telling of his first visit to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, where he was told by his host upon arrival, “tomorrow we will visit the garbage dump.”  Upon arrival at the dump the minister was welcomed by a few Filipinos near where he entered by a small group, some of the 150,000 Filipinos living physically in the dump.  He further stated that he had great hesitation at embracing a small girl of perhaps five years old who was covered in open sores, a yellow mucus running from her nose, and a head filled with lice.  The little girl wanted to pull him to her family, as anyone of western dress is seen as someone bringing aid.

The scenario I have described often spins Liberals into a frenzy of activity believing western countries must do everything within their power to eliminate such poverty.  It is not only in the Philippines where this lust to destroy anything and everything produced by individual ability in order to eliminate poverty, imagined inequality, and a whole host of “enemies” conjured in the Liberal eye occurs. 

The Philippines, first and foremost, has a tremendous problem with POPULATION.  Now settle down if you are a Liberal reader.  Lord knows the only way you believe in controlling population is through abortion.  If you are Liberal however, your real issue is wanting to bind the world’s producers to acts of copulation and place guilt upon those who will not commit suicide through destroying their own lives to suit your whims. 

The difference between the Liberal and the Conservative is not that the Conservative does not understand the need to aid individuals in horrible circumstances, but that the Conservative refuses to commit suicide in order to implement Liberal illusions of mankind’s abilities or lack thereof.

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