The Elite Who Enlighten

At last, we who are ignorant, poorly educated, and in general heathens are being corrected by an astounding group of Elites who are rewriting history books in France and even Sweden using a set of prophetic scrolls.  Apparently des Architectes du Château de Versailles did not begin with Louis Le Vau, but a mysterious Black African who would slip into the chambers of King Louis XIV on a daily basis — his intellect was so astounding he had developed a method to stop time, thereby passing by frozen guards to join the King — to give direction to the King in how to govern France.  (It is also said this man continues to live all these hundreds of years later as his genius enable him to create an elixir of eternal life.  He was last sighted in Kenya of all places.)  You see, such great buildings as Château de Versailles once existed all across Africa but the white man destroyed them all enforcing his racism and envy.

Any school textbook that had previously lauded white French persons has been corrected giving true credit to minorities; however, since the French Government also understands it must maintain peace within the scruffy white neighborhoods that blight France, they have written the text so that they “avoid insulting the caucasian majority pupils,” who do not understand it is impossible for white French persons to ever accomplish anything of value.  The story is similar in Sweden, where Swedes have finally come to grips with the fact that the heroic God Heimdall portrayed in texts was never Swedish, but actually Black African.  (The U.S. entertainment company Marvel was the first to correct this error in film.) 

In French textbooks any reference to the French Revolution has been removed.   All French know that France has been a most glorious Socialist nation for centuries, producing the world’s greatest wealth distributed to its people uniformly.  Instead the text includes study of the African “kingdom of Monomotapah.”  All Swedish history has also been replaced by the history of the African “kingdom of Monomotapah.”The study of math, chemistry, biology, physics, and subjects such as economics have been removed from the curriculum.  white French persons cannot learn these subjects anyway, as their IQs measure below a rather abysmal 80 on average.  Swedes had ceded these topics to the waste dump years ago.

No concern with these changes has been expressed in any corner of Europe as all are certain Black Africans, along with the help of Arabs, will step in and provide for the White French.

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