Reverse Discrimination or Reverse Racism

Perhaps I am becoming old and addled, well out of my prime and with no correct opinion of anything anymore, but in discussion with a long-time friend today, the term “reverse racism” finally settled into my mind as the true definition of “reverse discrimination.”  Oddly, that brought comfort to me and eased my battle with my often conflicting internal standard of morals.  If the world is to truly ever be such a place that discrimination is never present in any form, then all forms of racism must be gone. 

Liberal Moralist, including Tim Cook the current CEO of Apple, will tell you that it is ok to practice reverse discrimination against a white male or female in order to correct a previous “discriminatory act that was perpetuated against an entire race.”  In reality, what Tim Cook is truly saying is it is “ok to discriminate against my white employees” so along as it elevates my employees of any other race — who themselves for some odd reason seem to be categorized with blacks of any generation.  Tim often tells a story of seeing a cross-burning in his native Alabama.  I can only assume this, in his mind, justifies his belief in reverse racism towards those who actually look a great deal like him.  Well, that is perhaps the definition of a “self hater.”

It has now been 43 years since I encountered my first experience with reverse racism.  In all those years I have seen many things come to pass.  I had a family member shot point-blank in the forehead because she was a “white bitch,” where unfortunately the crime did not occur in Texas, as the convicted murderer would have long left this world, the sweet black boy that he was.  In my early years in the business world I had federal employees sit in my factory to count the number of blacks that walked through my factories doors, because I had refused to count them for them.  HR unfortunately did not record race in employee files.  The white population of the area?  99.9%. 

If Liberals and Blacks and Hispanics and whatever the assortment of “minorities” in the world want a fair shake, I suggest they begin to look inward to their own racism if they plan on the world changing any time soon.  There may come a day when the future of the world depends on a few good white men.  Wouldn’t it be a shame if they simply looked the other way and didn’t give a damn?  Wake up Idiots.

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