Change That Came to Pass

There have been many defenders and many detractors of Barack Obama and his ilk over the last five and one-half years.  The tally of accomplishments or lack thereof have been broadcast by both sides.  Fact-check sites have proliferated across the Internet with each side detailing facts that are most often, well simply in conflict.  The few conversations that I have had with Liberals all seem to espouse verbatim talking points generated by the massive back-end Obama talking machine.  Reality is however you better ask yourself if you are better off in August 2014 than you were in January 2009.

Individuals who have for much of their lives been dependents of government are better off in August 2014.  They will continue to vote for income rather than work for income.  If you are African-American, you may have benefited directly from the early Obama Administration largess that poured money into stimulus contracts for which you were entitled to your Affirmative-Action share.  Who ever said race doesn’t matter?  If you are Latino, well we know that story.

The others — who felt and continue to feel that Barack ‘Flim Flam’ Obama was and is out to diminish their lives haven’t changed their minds.  These were by-the-way the people that threw Democrats out of the U.S. House of Representatives.  These folks, in some form, will yet have their victory.  Let’s hope that their growing angry doesn’t completely destroy the nation lost to the idiots championed by Obama.


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