Tension High After U.S. Police Kill Black Teen

The title of my post came from the news network Aljazeera.  Long before the police began to release a few details concerning the death of an 18 year-old black teen in Ferguson, Missouri blacks had filled the street in the projects where the shooting occurred and declared “kill the [white] police who did this.”  You see it is always someone who is white who causes an otherwise sane black male to assault an officer of the law.  It simply cannot be something a black man would do on his own now is it? 

Nor is it possible for a Hispanic to defend himself from a 6’2″ black teen of age 17 who is pounding said Hispanic into concrete.  That is a role solely for a “white Hispanic.”  Where is Al Sharpton in all of this?  He seems to be running late for the call to practice his profound form of racism. 

Could it be that most of America, including white America, is simply tired of the ignorant black folk who always seem to believe “my little baby would hurt no one” even as blood drips from the blade of the knife little baby is holding? 

Maybe America is coming to its senses and realizing the problem is the little black baby and not society as a whole.










Nor is it possible for a Hispanic to defend



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