Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri

While it is easy to chart the history of Ferguson, Missouri over the last three to four years and determine that the 53 officers in the Ferguson Police Department have performed commendably in brining down the crime rate as the demographics of the area have shifted under them, I think it is time the officers of the department resign and give to the community the control of their own destiny.  If they choose to commit crimes within their community, then let them do so.  The burden does fall on surrounding communities to increase law enforcement capability to prevent crime from migrating out of Ferguson, but that is doable in a demography that supports their law enforcement community. 

I suspect the violence of the last week is sufficient nudge to prompt many of the businesses in Ferguson to pack up and not fight to market in the area or protect their property every time the locals decide to pitch a doozy of a fit and loot and burn.  While justice must be equal, there is no requirement one remain and deal with the most illogical group of individuals who grace this earth.  All over America many have chosen to turn and walk away, so much so that individuals such as Barack Obama and his party prefer moving this group into your community with Section 8 housing so they can shop at the stores they may have previously subjected to flash mobs or even looting and burning.  Alas, American will likely forever be tormented by unfortunate individuals such as Michael Brown and all those pitch a doozy after he has assaulted and officer and been, well eliminated.





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