Darren Wilson Supporters

I am pleased to find that support for Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson is growing at a tremendous pace in comparison to the pace it grew in the support of George Zimmerman.  Don’t let anyone kid you.  America’s liberal media, race whores, and anti-law and order bastards want an arrest and kangaroo court conviction of Darrell Wilson. 

Listen to the words of Dr. Michael Baden who clearly stated he did not know the position of Michael Brown when each round hit him and then listen to the race whore Benjamin Crump claim Brown’s arms were in the air when he was shot.  Although it may yet prove to be a case where Officer Wilson was in the wrong, we will not know that until all of the autopsy results, including x-rays and other autopsy evidence, are released at some point in the future. 

On another angle to the Brown case, I find it not only illogical, but simply evil, that the morons who are so anti-Wilson do not understand the significance of Michael Brown strong-arming the store clerk.  That alone demonstrated Brown using his size and physical ability to coerce others into backing away from him.  This occurred minutes before he was killed and as we will learn in detail later smoking dope with some level of THC in his bloodstream.  I think the Brown family needs to answer the public question as to whether Michael Brown was a bully. 

This is not over.  With luck a St. Louis County, Missouri grand jury will begin hearing evidence on Wednesday.  You can be assured the race whores will not be presenting evidence to the grand jury.  If you want to know the truth, I think the reason that the Department of Justice has called for yet another autopsy is because they already know via the information flow of local prosecutors and 40 FBI agents that there is no case. 

Do not lose faith that He who prevails over all will not allow the children of satan to overcome those who seek Him. 

God bless you Darren Wilson no matter the road that lies ahead.

[If you wonder why I do not capitalize the proper noun satan, it is because I do not worship that trash residing in hell.]


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