Re-engineering the R.I.P. Bullet

I have followed the stories scattered across the gun forums and watched YouTube videos of the new G2 Research Rest in Peace round.  As many have noted it reminds one of the flechette shotgun round that can still be purchased in the U.S. and a few European nations.  Unfortunately to me odds are that in spite of G2 claims, those leaves on the bullet will likely be slowed enough by heavy fabrics and lots of meat — the reason Michael Brown was shot so many times no doubt — such that your attacker may very well end up with the upper hand.

Having said that, the guys at G2 certainly are not the only good folk with a machine shop and likely not the owners of a solid array of Swiss Screw machines.  🙂


Being in the business of making brass cases already for America’s enormous appetite for guns and ammunition, it seems pursuing a more effective round than the R.I.P. is in order.

Stay tuned.



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