We can’t have this ….

“We can’t have this,” said Capt. Ronald S. Johnson, the Highway Patrol official, who stood near a table that held two guns and a Molotov cocktail that had been seized. “We do not want to lose another life.” 

There must be a profound sadness that resides within Ronald Johnson as he perhaps realizes for the first time in his life that the people he faces, his brothers and sisters of the same race, are very likely not the same as the vast majority — over 85 percent — of Missourians.  Surely he understands that any individual who holds one of the guns cited above and discharges it towards a police officer or member of the Missouri National Guard is guilty of attempted murder.  Sadly, I think the vast overwhelming majority of African-Americans would disagree. 

They are not alone however, for in the photos of protestors in Missouri were individuals who were Caucasian wearing shirts calling for “revolution” or basically the very destruction of the democratic fabric that had been America up until a few decades ago.  What was America has in Ferguson, devolved into a form of anarchy that should prompt each and every believer in the American system to say, “this will stop so be it if by force.” 

This is what the disciple Barack Obama and his ilk have brought America.  If you, with little fact other than that fabricated by the liberal media based on comments originating with Dr. Michael Baden and coached by Benjamin Crump and others, believe Darrell Wilson should be arrested and charged with murder, then you have no concept of any system of rule of law and perhaps do not deserve to be considered an American.  If you think acting like animals in order to bring about the arrest of Darrell Wilson is appropriate, then I firmly believe those being shot at by thugs in Ferguson need to return the fire to the animals that think they are justified in their action.

Liberals and Democrats this day hold the top of the chain through the office of Barack Obama, it will be America that decides if it is time to rebuild a broken democracy headed by an individual who has already decided the guilt of an officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  If I am wrong, Barack Obama and his ilk continue to have the opportunity to prove otherwise.  I think they will fail that test as they like the thugs in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, being thugs themselves, “need to win one” of their delusional battles. 


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