Pre-judgement by Eric Holder and Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri

Had it not been for a very vocal Republican Lieutenant Governor in Missouri, Peter Kinder, not even conservative media would have known that on Tuesday August 19th Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, had called for the “strong prosecution of Darren Wilson.”  Governor Nixon did not call for a strong investigation, but a strong prosecution.  I can only assume that Governor Nixon has declared Darren Wilson to be guilty of murder and will now be shopping for a willing liberal prosecutor to carry the case forward for him.

Perhaps Governor Wilson will declare on his own some new law that voids trial by jury — you can bet he would try to stack it anyway to his favor — so he can guarantee his opinion of Wilson’s guilt.  What ever became to the America that once was?

Today, a dictator sits in Washington passing his own laws through executive caveat and Americans sit by and allow it to happen.

Rise Up!!  Take back your country by whatever means that are necessary and rid it of these people forever.


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