Fury Yet to be Felt: The Collapse of Liberal America

On any given day across America there are hundreds if not thousands of acts of larceny, the unlawful taking of the personal property of another person, armed robberies, drive-by shootings, and myriad other crimes including assaults, stabbings, flash mobs, and yes, knock out game punches. If you are of the liberal bent, you most likely have as many justifications for such behavior as there are crimes. Flowing from the liberals mouth is an unending torrent of my “my baby boy kilt that man” with baby boys mother often remaking on television “my baby would never do nuthin’ like that.”. So why is it any wonder that the relatively mild crime Michael Brown committed before he was killed — and I am speaking of the theft and not the assault of a law enforcement officer — have any bearing on Brown’s frame of mind when he was asked to move from a street onto a side walk?  Darren Wilson and Michael Brown represent two different things 

To conservatives Darren Wilson represents a representative of a court that trials those charged with crimes.  Law enforcement officers are first and foremost “Officers of the Court.”  Though they may be employed by a municipal police department or county/parish sheriff, they are given their authority to use force under the standards laid down by the Rehnquist court called the Graham Standard.  This is nothing new to you if you have read my previous posts concerning Michael Brown.  On the other side, the liberal side, there are many self hating white liberals who see Darren Wilson as the devil incarnate.  (You will note that I do not give credit to satan or the devil by capitalizing his name.  You may do so if you wish and if you are liberal and reading this you likely will, for you only pretend there is a God, like one Barack Obama, when it is to your advantage.)  To liberals, Darren Wilson and all other white police officer are simply terrorizing young black men and according to them, nary a young black man ever commits a crime. 

To conservatives, Michael Brown is another in a long sad story of young black men, who had his behavior been one that was not explosive when facing law enforcement — and obviously store clerks who just happened not to be armed as Brown — would likely be alive today.  To liberals, well a saint was slaughtered right up there with Barack Obama and Jesus.  Funny thing, I doubt Michael Brown passed to Heaven to become an Angel.  Just a hunch on my part.  I should not judge, but I can note the fruit that falls off the tree.  His was rather sour on the day of his death. 

“…judged by … the content of their character.”  Many listen to the words of the man but refuse to hold their children to the standards of his words.  It is ok to smoke dope — crack cocaine or marijuana if you will — and steal cigars from a store.  Why pay for them?  The rich man who owns the store has more than enough and those cigars are something I am entitled to.  Amazing many parents do not se that as a problem but on the morning of Michel Brown’s funeral there were major ordained ministers present.  Not the first prayed “Lord please forgive Michael Brown of the sins we know he committed but never asked You to forgive.  We pray he is with You in Heaven.”  Instead …. the funeral was a staged performance to some but awe inspiring to others. 

You know who fits in which crowd.


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