In the heart of every Socialist (American Neo-Liberal, aka Barack Obama) lies a boiling desire for revolution.  Americans saw it on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri where armed criminal revolutionaries boiled forth from peaceful demonstrations.

Don’t kid yourself that those like Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton are looking for anything else.  They desire a day in America where young black thugs can rob and steal at will and not see prosecution.  When they complain of the number of stops of young black men by police, they will never accept the fact that the behavior of young black men must change before young black men are not routinely stopped by police.  A Revolutionary finds all behavior acceptable as long as it achieves their goal.  It is not as Spike Lee said, “there is a war on black males,” but that black males are prosecuting a war on American society as are Obama’s Neo-Liberals..

In this lies the psychology of several American notables including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and even Rahm Emanuel.  They will succeed at spurring a revolution but that does not mean they will be the stronger in that war.

May “good kills” prevail.

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