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Re-engineering the R.I.P. Bullet

I have followed the stories scattered across the gun forums and watched YouTube videos of the new G2 Research Rest in Peace round.  As many have noted it reminds one of the flechette shotgun round that can still be purchased … Continue reading

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Under Democrats the Rule of Law is Ignored

“As protesters lingered, some stores became targets for looting. Men and women could be seen racing through the aisles of a liquor store and running out with bottles of alcohol. The police took no action to protect the store or … Continue reading

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Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri

While it is easy to chart the history of Ferguson, Missouri over the last three to four years and determine that the 53 officers in the Ferguson Police Department have performed commendably in brining down the crime rate as the … Continue reading

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The Conflict Within Themselves: Black America

cj — And blacks wonder that by age 18 a police officer might find it necessary to shoot the young thug.  Don’t worry, this will not be the child’s last incarceration. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette PITTSBURGH — A 6-year-old boy who police … Continue reading

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Tension High After U.S. Police Kill Black Teen

The title of my post came from the news network Aljazeera.  Long before the police began to release a few details concerning the death of an 18 year-old black teen in Ferguson, Missouri blacks had filled the street in the … Continue reading

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Change That Came to Pass

There have been many defenders and many detractors of Barack Obama and his ilk over the last five and one-half years.  The tally of accomplishments or lack thereof have been broadcast by both sides.  Fact-check sites have proliferated across the … Continue reading

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