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460 Rowland Update

It sometimes takes effort to convert a production caliber pistol to what was once a fully wildcat cartridge. Such has been the effort with my Glock Model 21SF and its conversion to the 460 Rowland cartridge. The Rowland is a … Continue reading

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Times have changed in my home town. Black-on-black crime picks up pace.

By Mike Morris The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newnan police are investigating a drive-by shooting Tuesday night that sent three people to Grady Memorial Hospital. Deputy Chief Rodney Riggs told Channel 2 Action News that two men, ages 20 and 24, were … Continue reading

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The People of Ferguson Missouri: Whose responsibility is it to change?

I suppose I might not have such a positive attitude towards police if every time I committed a burglary, robbed a pedestrian, or grabbed a handful of cigars and manhandled a store clerk, the police arrested me.  Further, my mother, … Continue reading

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Rifle Bedding, Weapons Accidents, and Other Items

First things first here. When I say “weapons accident” I am not speaking of an unintentional discharge or the type accident we saw in Arizona where a 9 year old shot an instructor.   Instead I am primarily speaking of case … Continue reading

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Glock Redux 460 Rowland

I continue to be fascinated with my effort to build reliable Glock Model 21s in 460 Rowland.  After substantial testing it appears it is incredible easy to leave one’s finger riding the trigger so that trigger reset is not achieved.  … Continue reading

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Jesse Lee Petersen on Michael Brown

The violent reactions and unseemly activities over the shooting death of Michael Brown are, in many ways, uncannily similar to the response after Trayvon Martin’s death. Over the past week we’ve been led to believe that 18-year-old Michael Brown, like … Continue reading

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Clean Burning Low Flash Powders Changing Medical Examiner Forensics

Over the last several months I have commissioned several custom pistols in an American wildcat cartridge known as 460 Rowland.  We first received empty 460 Rowland brass from the U.S. and have since been able to produce locally high quality … Continue reading

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