Clean Burning Low Flash Powders Changing Medical Examiner Forensics

Over the last several months I have commissioned several custom pistols in an American wildcat cartridge known as 460 Rowland.  We first received empty 460 Rowland brass from the U.S. and have since been able to produce locally high quality 460 Rowland brass using RUAG Sintox primers loaded with nitroguanidine/trinitroperhydrotriazine based powders.  Each pistol is similar to a Glock Model 21SF but provided to us meeting our specs less barrel and recoil spring in Europe.  The barrel is a threaded affair extending past the slide and threaded so aluminum billet compensators can be screwed on and pinned with set screws.  The compensators used in the initial tests were simply painted black and not anodized. 

The first surprise was that after three rounds the painted compensator struck by hot gas had had its paint carbonized with all residue of powder and paint burning off completely clean.  You can enclose the compensated pistol end within a envelop of filter paper, fir, and inspect the filter without finding any powder residue.  Inspecting the filter paper under high-magnification is even more surprising as from the residue found you would think the paper was initially sitting several feet from the muzzle of the weapon.  The powder along with the environmentally friendly Sintox primer will give little indication to forensic specialists as to how close the muzzle was when firing into clothing where stripling of skin is eliminated. 

More as we progress. 

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