Glock Redux 460 Rowland

I continue to be fascinated with my effort to build reliable Glock Model 21s in 460 Rowland.  After substantial testing it appears it is incredible easy to leave one’s finger riding the trigger so that trigger reset is not achieved.  The crux of the matter is that the slide velocity remains to high with the recoil spring setup in place.

We are machining what I consider a “balanced” spring that employs three springs with two of these within a central channel in the guide rod.  This will slow the slide as it approaches its maximum travel rearward and as it approaches lockup when coming forward.  This setup is to some degree similar to the Generation 4 compound spring.

Thus far there have been zero issues with failure to feed or failure to extract.  If one slaps the trigger as some pros do in competition, the failure to reset also disappears.  What we hope to achieve is reliable trigger reset for the average Joe marksman, so that he/she is not caught in a situation of personal defense less a trigger reset.

I will post again when we move back into testing with the new recoil spring setup.



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