Jesse Lee Petersen on Michael Brown

The violent reactions and unseemly activities over the shooting death of Michael Brown are, in many ways, uncannily similar to the response after Trayvon Martin’s death.

Over the past week we’ve been led to believe that 18-year-old Michael Brown, like Trayvon, was a “sweet,” innocent kid tiptoeing through the tulips when he was shot and killed.

The glaring similarities and the liberal narrative to hide the facts are disturbing.

The liberal media portrayed Trayvon as a “good kid” who was walking home with a bag of Skittles when he was gunned down by the racist, “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. The reality is that Trayvon was a thug, and he escalated the altercation by viciously assaulting Zimmerman.

The liberal account described Michael Brown as a college-bound “gentle giant” – gunned down without provocation by a racist police department. The reality is that Brown had just committed a strong-armed robbery inside a convenience store before his fight with the officer that resulted in his death.

The troubling similarities between these two cases do not end there.

In the Trayvon Martin case, Al “Riot King” Sharpton, the NAACP, the racist New Black Panther Party and other useless black activists prematurely convicted George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion, resulting in a $10,000 bounty being placed on Zimmerman.

The race hustlers and Trayvon’s vulture lawyers are now representing Michael Brown’s parents. Some of these people are also fomenting hatred and violence against the police. They even intimidated the cops into releasing the name of the officer involved in the shooting, putting his life at risk. Some liberal media outlets also published information about the officer’s residence!

Moral equivalence

Barack Obama seems to interject in every white-on-black, racially charged situation.

Obama put his foot in his mouth when he said on national TV, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

And when Obama addressed rioting and unrest in Ferguson from Martha’s Vineyard last week, he made no moral distinction between the looters and police. He actually scolded the cops, saying, “There’s no excuse for police to use excessive force.” The fact is, there have been no serious injuries of civilians by police amidst the unrest.

Undermining the police

But it’s not just Obama giving the benefit of the doubt to the thugs over the police. Too often, citizens are also buying into the liberal lies. The police are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Left-wing activists and the liberal press, with the aid of Eric Holder’s In-Justice Department are undermining the public’s confidence in local law enforcement agencies.

They falsely branded the Sanford Police as “racists” during the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation – opening the door for the feds to take over.

The FBI is now investigating whether Ferguson police violated Michael Brown’s civil rights. Ferguson police have been ordered to stand down to appease Obama, Holder and the rioters.

The liberal narrative portrayed Trayvon Martin’s home life and his parents as stable. The fact is, he was a very troubled teen, raised in a broken home.

Michael Brown is also the product of a broken home. His mother and father (the guy with the “no justice, no peace” T-shirt) are already demanding the death penalty for the officer.

The left does not care about Michael Brown or Trayvon.

Liberal Democrat politicians, the NAACP and other leftist groups like ANSWER (an anti-America, pro-Hamas group) used the acquittal of George Zimmerman to motivate left-wing voters in the 2012 election. They’re now beginning to organize and unify around an anti-cop, pro-Michael Brown message to turn out liberal Democrats for the 2014 election. Shameless!

The mainstream media – in collusion with liberal black “leaders,” adhere to a set of biased narratives that portray black thugs as victims of white racism.

Before the bombshell surveillance video showing Michael Brown robbing a convenience store, the media were pushing the story that this was an innocent teenager. Despite efforts by Eric Holder to suppress the video, its release is causing people to step back and think twice about the information they’re getting from the media.

Similarly, the turning point in the Trayvon Martin case occurred when images of George Zimmerman’s battered face and audio of the altercation were finally released.

I recently tweeted the following in response to the Ferguson riots:

Once I become president I’m going to forbid white cops from policing black cities because they’re not wanted & appreciated. #CopsNeedLoveToo.”

Rejecting the con

How does the black community stop itself from being used by self-serving politicians, the liberal media and race hustlers?

Blaming racism and using police as scapegoats is not the solution. The only thing that will bring about calm and prevent more deaths is black men and women getting married, setting a good example and raising their children right.

Remember – Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were products of broken homes.

When young black men have good parents they will naturally respect authority, including police. Then and only then will these types of intolerable situations finally cease.

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